Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dada Film

I have been reading up about dada film, here is a quote from the internet:

Dada-related films have several characteristics in common: they disrupt viewer expectations of a conventional narrative, use cinematic defamiliarization of social reality to undermine the norms and code of social convention, and are constantly pointing to the film apparatus as an illusion-producing machine. The difference between Dada and Surrealist films lies in their different strategies of defamiliarizing social reality. Surrealist filmmakers largely rely on conventional cinematography as a means to draw the viewer into the reality produced by the film. However, Dada films work to keep the viewer at a distance, which accounts for the viewer not being deeply disturbed by the film.

La Coquille Et Le Clergyman with music by Swans

the screenplay is by Antonin Artaud

Also David Lynch has done some pretty amazing short films, one of my favourite being The Grandmother, a film where a kid who has a hard time from his parents grows himself a grandmother.

there is also this by Marcel Duchamp, displaying his foray in ANEMIC CINEMA

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